08 August 2009

"His block is knocked off??!"

A real favorite commercial from when I was a kid. Unless there is an alternate version, I had misremembered the line as "He knocked his block off!" which is much better, actually, than the strange passive construction used here. Gotta love these kids, though. Their enthusiasm really sells what looks like a pretty limited toy. How long could you play with this before growing bored??


  1. I think the "you knocked my block off" comment was from a later comercial, because that is exactly the way I remember it as well.

  2. How long? I think I played with mine for about half an hour. But what a half hour it was!

  3. I also found the later commercial, which has a kid and his DAD playing the game. It is the dad who pouts, "He knocked my block off!" But this first one is really great, I think. I love the announcer's voice and omniscient attitude.