05 July 2008

TV Politics on the 4th

Not a big TV watcher am I. I might be if I had a decent TV with good reception.

Most TV I see down visiting Amy, as I was yesterday, on the 4th of July holiday.

And let me tell you. Barack Obama sure won the election at least as measured on Independence Day television coverage!

First, there was that ad, prefaced by a big view of Obama saying "I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message." Then blurbs about how he turned down big money jobs to go back Chicago and fight for the little man, how he worked his way through Harvard Law, etc, etc.

This was a winning ad, and it showed over and over. I saw it more than ten times in the time I was down at Amy's. It showed so many times that you could focus on different bits each time you saw it. "I saw this part before but look oh, he wants to reward employers who keep jobs in the States," etc. etc.

Saw it lots of times.

And there were maybe two or three other Obama ads sprinkled in during the evening as well.

I don't remember seeing one single John McCain ad.

Really, I don't think I saw one.

Ok, so Obama wins in the 4th of July ad race. Period. Hands down.

Then the news coverage.

Lots of shots, different ones, showing the Obama family celebrating the 4th in some small Montana town, watching a parade mostly. Butte. Images of small town America.

I saw this three or four times on local and national news programs.

And McCain??

Just a still picture of John up above the news person's head, while they tell us that John McCain is celebrating the 4th with family in the Phoenix area.

That was all. That was it.

That was all the McCain camp could manage for a 4th of July TV presence??

As I said, I am not a big TV watcher at all. But it astonished me how big the Obama presence was on the 4th, and how McCain came off as secluded off somewhere and not wanting to show his face.

I know how unfair this is and how it might not say anything of substance about the attributes of the actual candidates, etc, etc.

But we live in television times. This is not a secret anymore.

McCain and his camp really blew it on their Independence Day showing.

Hands down.

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